Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How do you START your day?

What is your idea of bright eyed and bushy tailed?
 Well hello everyone on this lovely day where the sun is just struggling to come out.....  I'm perusing a magazine, deliciousliving,1 from the Health Concern (a little health food store in Towson that is just wonderful) and I found some things that I wanted to share with everyone with the new time adjustment--aka Spring Forward.  I typically just LOVE this time of year, but yesterday I was thoroughly ZONKED! :)  Today, I'm well revived, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and ready to tackle everything again! :) 

From the article "Start the day right," it begins, "'Morning people' relish popping out of bed to take on the day; for others, waking up is a real dreadful chore.  Regardless of where you fall on the morning spectrum, your first waking moments prepare you physically, mentally, and emotionally for the coming day.  The right combination of sleep, sunlight, exercise, and diet can help mornings go smoothly..."

Think about it--when you read this what is your initial thought of the morning?

I love to wake up and get the day started.  The earlier, the better for me.  If I exercise bright and early, it is like I've drank 10 cups of coffee....I can't slow down my mouth (my husband will certainly confirm this!).  But that's me, what about you??? 

Now, how do you typically start your morning?  A cup of coffee?  A morning run?  Curling up and snoozing for more minutes?  Here are the suggestions interviewer John Hoover provides from Dietitian, Rebecca Mohning, RD, LD; Yoga Expert, Vaidya Mishra; and Sleep Expert, Michael Breus, PhD:  "Begin with water and carbs... remember protein... don't take supplements with coffee... wake up an hour and a half before sunrise... exercise (but not too vigorously)...practice good personal care...don't hit 'snooze'....get out of bed slowly....keep a regular sleep schedule."  Want more details, check out the article in full. (See footnote below.)

I know some of these may not even seem realistic i.e., wake up an hour and a half before sunrise--which CAN be slightly more possible now for some of you.  Try something new if you're struggling in the AM.  I certainly struggle with the getting up slowly, because once that alarm goes off (as long as Clubber doesn't come get in bed with me) then I'm ready to roll--thanks to the genes of my Mother!  As for the protein recovery after exercise, chocolate milk (Broom's Bloom has the BEST!!!) is one of my favorite recovery choices!  Yay!  I've also changed from coffee in the morning to tea--I've been getting flavored loose tea from Coffee, Coffee in Bel Air (a great local store!!).  Tea isn't rough on my tummy, and it satisfies my desire for something warm and invigorating in the AM.

Another suggestion for ensuring a good start to the day is from Brian Sanderoff's article "Turning Out the Lights."3  Sometimes if our body feels out of whack, it could simply be a matter of adjustment with your "night life."  Think of living the way that your body is supposed to work, with the current cycle that life is in--right now that means that our hours of sunlight have been extended just a little bit longer.  This may not only cause a change in your hormones, but also in your eating because we're no longer hibernating!!!  BRING ON THE SUNSHINE BABY!!!  (See link below for Brian's article!)

Feel free to share your favorite things to wake up to in the AM! :)

---On another note, check out the website too for some AWESOME recipes!  I'm super excited about the Black Bean Enchiladas (although certainly NOT low-cal!), especially since I'm looking for a great Mexican dish for my sister's baby shower!!  YUM!  (Footnote below for website.)

What a great magazine and full of very informative information!  The Health Concern and The Vitamin Shoppe always have great FREE magazines!!!!

Lots of information here, so ENJOY!!!  Have a great day....And, smile smile smile!!!! :)

1.  March 2011 issue www.deliciousliving.com
2.  March 2011 issue http://newhope360.com/conditions/triple-take-whats-best-way-start-day
3. March 2011 issue www.newhope360.com/recipes
4. Brian Sanderoff http://www.wellbeing247.net/LightsOut.html

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eating away your setback....

How could I ever be mad at this face?
I shared in late January that I suffered a setback when Clubber broke my toe.  I discussed how we need to ensure we plan for setbacks--have you taken the opportunity to think about how you could deal with a setback when/if it occurs?

For me, this setback has been quite a challenge, and as of yesterday will still be a challenge for another month.  I discovered that although my setback is not allowing me to do what I WANT to do, there is always something else that I CAN do.  I've been working hard on studying for the Personal Trainer exam, catching up with friends, but also training with the TRX Force system (Thanks to my sister, Crystal!).  It has been quite the life saver for me the past (almost) two months.  I've decided that my plan for future setbacks, because something is inevitably going to happen that will cause another, is to try to always have a backup exercise.  If I'm completely limited from mobility, there are always some of the postural and isometric contractions. :)

Now, on to the title for today:  Eating away your setback.  I found that I have to be really careful (and I've certainly slipped up a good bit) with not overeating since my exercise is still slightly limited.  Overeating is often easy to do when you're feeling down and out about something, because we often feed our emotions.  The hardest nights are always Wednesday, because this is the night of my favorite class that I not only cannot teach but I cannot even take without lots of modification.  Last night, I realized that I was about to feed my emotions after my appointment when I found out that I was unable to run and resume full activity for another month.  I was able to stop myself, and think about the situation before giving in to emotional eating.  Instead, I chose a better snack (a half of piece of cheese and a handful of Pop Chips) and went for a full walk with Clubber, and then an insane TRX Force workout.  Yay!!

Here's the challenge:  Can stop yourself from emotional eating and determine if you really want to consume the food that is about to fuel your emotions..... is it worth it?  Do you REALLY need to eat because you're hungry or are you just eating because you're upset/sad/depressed, etc.?  What else could you eat that is better for you, but will also satisfy you?  What else could you do to keep your hands busy so that you don't eat??  Can you stop yourself and think about food consumption when you're already emotional?  This is tough, but with good structure and self control YOU CAN DO THIS!

I know for women, emotional eating is always on movies and TV shows and it is even considered the "norm." How many movies or magazines portray a break up or an emotional event with a girl devouring a giant bowl of ice cream with a girlie movie?? 

Let's change this:  Find an alternative food and ensure that you have not only planned for your setback, but that you anticipate an emotional eating encounter.  If you want chocolate, eat ONE square of 72% and above of dark chocolate (86% Cacao from Ghiradelli is my FAV!).  If it is ice cream, then try to find a sorbet or try So Delicious coconut milk ice cream, or even the Almond Dream bites.  My friend and I discovered them and just 2-3 is perfect to hit the sweet spot.  Whatever you're feeling will satisfy your emotions, you should be able to step back and look at it and determine if you REALLY need it, if it will REALLY satisfy you and your emotions.  If it does, then so be it (try to be mindful at least of moderation or a once a week sort of thing).... if it is really the emotions, then try to pick an alternative so you aren't regretting the decision to further pursue those emotions and/or setback.

Feel free to share your emotional eating encounters and/or what you plan to replace your favorite emotional eating choice with. 

In the meantime, keep your chin up and keep smiling...... and have a GREAT day!!!!