Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Greek Yogurt

So, in the midst of my favorite show "The Biggest Loser," there are always little pieces of information that we can take away from it.  Of course, those little paid commercials can go a long way.  The Larabars are a wonderful source for a snack, and now my favorite--Greek Yogurt.  Now, i've tried a lot of the varieties, and since I try to avoid gelatin i'm not sure about the Yoplait version, but this is just a great source for those looking for a nice filling snack.  Bob is totally right, just a few strawberries or fresh pieces of fruit with the yogurt is an EXCELLENT choice!  Go Bob! :)

I know I mentioned the various varieties, and I have to say that my favorite still is the Fage brand.  It's super thick and very original.  Plus, it has been out long before all the others. :)  I do like the Chobani, but I find that the added fruit adds some more calories, rather than choosing the plain and adding your own fresh fruit.

So....go, indulge, and enjoy!!!

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