Monday, April 19, 2010

"Ingredients to Avoid in Processed Foods"

What a great article!  (Thanks Andrea!) SOME recommendations for what to avoid when you're running around looking for a "quick snack."  The author even asks a question you may ask youself (although, if your grandmother is younger it may not apply, ha ha!) "Would you grandmother recognize it?"  I truly love the book by Michael Pollan "In Defense of Food."  It's a great source to start with and it will certainly trigger your desire to learn more about what is actually in your food, and what you're eating.

Some ideas for snacks:

Granola bars--avoid the mainstream brands w/ all the sugar and preservatives.  I really really love Lara Bars and Ms. Jen has even made some herself since the ingredients are so simple.

Nuts--Just a handful can certainly curb your appetite.  Trader Joe's has a great variety.

Fruit--plum, pear, apple, banana--check to see what is in season. :)


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