Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Friday--Celebrating Friday w/ Lunch Out??

Happy Friday everyone!!  My husband and I plan our lunches for the week, and only eat lunch out once a week typically.  So, here we are Happy Friday eat lunch out Day.  I just wanted to share this experience from today's lunch and reiterate portion control and also self-control.

I went to the local deli that I just LOVE (because they have homemade bread and it's great for breakfast after cycling in the AM!) and got egg salad.  I don't even keep mayo in my house, so when I crave egg salad I go out to get it (which may be an error in my ways, yes...).  So, I ordered the sandwich and ASKED for just a little egg salad, not an overwhelming amount-save me some calories, please!  I also asked for cheese, which I know is a little overkill, but i'm preparing for getting my butt kicked tomorrow morning w/ Wendy ( and i've already overloaded my legs a bit this week.  Well, back to the story, my lunch comes out and there are FRESH chips in it....ERGSH!  And, yes, I should have asked him to just take them out, but I knew I would only eat 2-3 to satisfy me (and, I did behave! and I got rid of some of the bread from the sandwich too while eating it!).  However, when I asked for cheese I had NO CLUE I would get THREE, 3!!!!! pieces of swiss cheese!!!  Really!?!?

After studying and preparing to return to the office, I caught another co-worker with lunch from the same place and we chatted regarding the over-sized portions of this place.  It certainly is the general consensus that the place has ridiculous portions! 

Here's what I suggest:  If you're going to eat out, YOU have to take the incentive to make sure that you don't overeat, overconsume, etc.  (Check out previous posts for some other ideas!)  I mean you would assume that if you ask for less egg salad on wheat bread, that they might ASK if you want chips with it..... but our society is structured around bigger and better.  In fact, just on Biggest Loser this past week, Bob and Jillian had "favorite sandwiches" shipped in for the contestants that they had originally indulged and consumed entirely w/ fries and soda!  They were massive, some had french fries even on the sandwich.  They were severly overloaded with fat and massive calories (artery clogging calories, just to be more specific!)  If you forget to get rid of the chips, or if they surprise you w/ the chips (like me!) then find that inner self control and summons it.  Throw the chips away yourself, give it to the birds, set a couple to the side and throw out the rest.  Whatever helps you not eat them or eat them all.  Also, set you food down in between bites.  If you're eating every 2-3 hours you shouldn't be massively hungry and inhale your food.  If you're insanely hunry, still try to take breaks--set the food down in between bites.  Let the food slowly enter your system so that when you're full you can resist the urge to continual to consume the giant, calorie loaded portion!!!

Good luck, you can Can CAN do it!!!

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