Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, Jillian Michaels posted on Facebook that she is writing a blog for a conference and the topic is body image.  She wanted initial thoughts on the topic, so here's what I posted:

Our world creates a huge standard for women that everyone believes that they should follow. We fall prey to always wanting to look like that model, when sometimes genetics may not allow us to quite look like that airbrushed model--and yes, most of them are airbrushed!  So, when disgust sets in, often do eating disorders from one extreme of overeating-because "I can't do it so why should I keep trying"-to the other extreme of not eating or vomitting because "if the calories hit then I'm not going to look good"..... So, we need to find ourselves and realize that although we are all different we are all beautiful in many ways and we are REAL! We need food to thrive, but fulfill yourselves with the good food that will help your body strive to be the best you can be!!!!!!

SMILE!  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself because you ARE beautiful and a magnificant person.  You're only going to grow older, and create more bad thoughts in your mind so why not start loving your body now??  Make changes if they need to happen so that you can love your body more and accept what has been given to you!

SMILE!!!  Go ahead, do it now.... SMILE!!!

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