Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What time is it!?! SPRING TIME!?!?
  Well, of course it isn't Spring time just yet, but after yesterday I think we are all hoping!  Check out this scene from my favorite Mutts Comics. :) 

Fast forward to Spring, please.  It is time to start planning those outside activities to ensure that the hibernation weight comes off with the arrival of the sunny sunshine!  For those of you that stayed active throughout winter, congratulations!  Go on with your bad self!  Please share some tips as to what helped you throughout the winter, and how you were able to crawl out of your warm bed to work out.  :)

Now--on to the Spring topic.  Race schedules are up.  Lots of races all over.  Check the schedules and sign up for a race.  It gives you incentive to ensure you prepare, and also pushes you make it through to the end.  Perfect times to hang out with friends, make a weekend trip, or just to conquer something by yourself!  Just because it says it is a 5k, doesn't mean you have to run the race--jogging, walking, walking and jogging, walking and running--these are all acceptable.  I PROMISE!  

Here's one of the first opportunities for you to get some fresh air with other people (well, specifically women for this race...) who are conscious about their health.  My neighbor planned a race last year, and again this year:  Women's 5K by the Bay.  Check it out.  It is a beautiful scene and it's on April 10th so what a great way to start off the beautiful weather in beautiful Havre de Grace!  To all the Moms--there are Mother/Daughter Teams!  What a great opportunity to get your child involved and educated about their health!  I saw Moms coaching their girls last year and it truly was a special moment!  Thoroughly warmed my already warmed heart! :)

Oh---another added benefit of a race is that you get a prize--a free shirt and free food at the finish line (bananas, bagels (make sure you don't over do it), and this year at the Women's 5k by the Bay---CHOCOLATE! The ticket to all ladies' hearts. (Remember, if it is dark chocolate 72% and above--it IS good for you!!!)

For all the men, check out for their events, and maybe you can come along and support your beautiful chick on this day, with some lunch afterwards in historical Havre de Grace.  There are lots of guaranteed smiles on April 10th if you can make it!  You can also find the Women's 5k by the Bay on along with many other races!  Many companies have begun to use this website in order to be green and save some trees! :)

One more thing:  with Spring comes the lovely, and long awaited sprout of the first green thing (or orange, red, etc.)  The farmers will be soon heading to the Farmer's Market.  Check out your local area, and see how you can help support local farmers, as well as your own diet.  Remember, if you choose one day of the week to cook you can have well planned meals already prepared for those nights when you're running late at work and starving when you walk in the door.  Also, here's a great series of Crock Pot oatmeal recipes that I found on So Delicious' website:  I haven't had an opportunity to try them out yet, but I have some oatmeal that I got from the health food store so I can't wait to try one of them.  Hit "Previous" or "Next" to check out the variety of recipes on here. :)   For some other healthy options, check out as I found some really yummy ones on there too! 

Share your stories, share your races that you are planning on signing up for, and shout from the top of the mountains that you are pledging to have a healthy heart, a healthy body, and a healthy year!!!

Have a great day, and don't forget to SMILE!!!

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  1. Ape - good job again!!

    I just wanted to point out that many of us keep our bodies thinking it is time to prepare for hibernation (read - crave carbs and store fat) because we don't get to sleep early enough. In essence, we have learned to artificially expand the day - and that fools the body into thinking it is always August. I wrote an article about it if anyone is interested in researching about it more...

    Keep up the great work - I love your blog!! Brian